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Our Team

Meet the incredible people behind Shemah Koleinu


Anastacia Tomson-Myburgh


Co-founder & HBIC

An author, activist, and medical doctor, Anastacia has a track record of human rights work in the LGBTQIA+ space.



Mathilde Tomson-Myburgh


Co-founder & Queer-in-chief

A content strategist, facilitator, and LGBTQIA+ activist, Mathilde puts innovative thought into effective content, training materials and ways of working – and gets it done.



Jacqui Benson-Mabombo


Co-founder & Sorcerer’s apprentice

Jacqui considers themselves a conversational disruptor on current issues. They are passionate about galvanising community into action  to solve issues through innovative and sustainable projects that bring workability for all.



Sixolile Mabombo-Benson



Xoli has nearly 20 years’ experience in saying no to requests from a variety of people, including 3-year-olds and CEOs (perhaps the same thing? 😊). On a good day, as a founding member of The South African LGBT+ Forum, Sixolile is passionate about authentic leadership, diversity and inclusion, and finding new approaches to create meaningful impact.



About Us

Shemah Koleinu is a queer– and Jewish-led human rights organisation that is apolitical and not affiliated to any particular stream of Judaism. Our values are founded in the principles of chesed (love and compassion), tikkun olam (acting for societal benefit), gemilut chasadim (loving kindness), equality, equity, justice and inclusion.

Putting an end to the silence

Latest updates about the work we are doing for the South African LGBTQIA+ community

Submission to the Hate Crimes Working Bill NCOP

Downloadable PDF of Shemah Koleinu’s submission

Parliamentary march for Ugandan LGBTQIA+ rights



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Our vision

Shemah Koleinu works towards the establishment of a culture of inclusion within South Africa, that practices understanding, compassion, acceptance towards, and supports those who identify as, LGBTQIA+.

Our mission

Working from a framework that centres human rights, Shemah Koleinu aims to create and promote representation, safety, dignity, equality and equity for LGBTQIA+ people living in South Africa and elsewhere. Shemah Koleinu works to amplify the voices of the marginalised, and to engage in dialogue, education, capacity building and resource development to create affirming and safe spaces for our community.

The Jewish values of chesed, tikkun olam and gemilut chasadim inspire our work, and we believe in equality, equity, justice and inclusion. We hope to promote and safeguard the rights and dignity of all LGBTQIA+ people living in South Africa, regardless of political views, religious affiliation, or background.